Deering and Down Make Headline at Americana Fest with Margo Price

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Margo Price, Deering and Down & The Success Stories of AmericanaFest 2016

Top 20 Memphis Music Videos of 2016 Memphis Flyer

Lahna's first time being an Director! Thanks for the accolades Chris McCoy at the Memphis Flyer 

11. Deering & Down "Spaced Out Like An Astronaut" 
Director: Lahna Deering

In a departure for the Memphis by way of Alaska folk rockers, the golden voiced Deering lets guitarist Down take the lead while she put on the Major Tom helmet and created this otherworldly video. 

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Deering and Down Share "River City" 


Deering and Down recently released their second single from their upcoming album recorded at Easley McCain studios. Directed by the band, the video for "River City" features tons of downtown and midtown shots of Memphis, in between clips of singer Lahna Deering dancing and singing in the rain. According to the band's record label, BAA Records, The release date for Deering and Down's 8th studio album has been pushed back to early next year, so enjoy this video while you wait. 

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Deering and Down's New Music

BOB MEHR'S MUSIC BEAT  Oct 21st, 2015

Fans of local roots-pop outfit Deering & Down have been treated to a steady stream of fresh material over the last few months, including the new single and video for "River City." "It's forever changing out there in the world of music in terms of getting things out there to people," says the group's frontwoman Lahna Deering...MORE

Music Video Monday, The Memphis Flyer


Today's Music Video Monday celebrates Rock For Love.  

This weekend, September 3-6, marks the ninth installment of the music festival, which benefits the Church Health Center. 29 fine examples of Memphis music will play at Crosstown and Overton Square, including Jack Oblivian, Nots, Mancontrol Stephen Chopek, Mark Edgar Stuart, Hope Clayburn, and the North Mississippi Allstars. You can see the full lineup here.  

Folk rockers Deering and Down will play Saturday night at Lafayette's. The dreamy video for "You're The One" was directed by Matteo Servente. It makes extensive use of projection mapping, a relatively new technique for manipulating video to conform to—or often distort—the surfaces onto which it is projected. The projection mapping used here, which doubles as lighting for Lanna Deering's ethereal performance, was created by Christopher Reyes. 

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Summer Record Reviews  

by CHRIS SHAW June 12th, 2015

Deering and Down released "You're the One," last month, with the announcement that the track was the lead-off single to their eighth studio album. Opting to record at Easley McCain studios instead of Willie Mitchell's Royal Studio (where the band recorded their last album, Out There Somewhere), "You're the One" is an esoteric love song that sits somewhere between dream pop, modern soul, and what Deering and Down call "sexy music." The new album from Deering and Down is set to be released "later in 2015," but pay attention for song announcements in the form of music videos coming throughout the summer and fall.  

For Fans of: Julee Cruise, Lana Del Ray

February 27, 2013 · by Moriah Drinkard · in Memphis Music Scene. ·

Most people would agree that a successful musical duo requires a multitude of qualities aside from talent. The need for chemistry is at the top of that list and when it’s there, there’s no mistaking it. Deering and Down, a gothic-southern folk rock duo residing in Memphis, is a perfect example. They have a balanced blend of heavenly soulful guitar riffs and lustful rock vocals to beautifully compliment one another’s talent. Not to mention the attractive combination of Lahna’s infectious personality and Rev’s sharp and handsome style. The results of their collaboration are positively addictive, like a soundtrack your life in Memphis can’t go on without. Though neither are originally from Memphis, Lahna Deering and Rev Neil Down have that Stax sound in the bag, and they’re not shy about letting it out. Thank God. It would be a sin to keep music this good a secret.

The group formed when both members met in Skagway, Alaska. Lahna Deering drew most of her musical background from her father whose side of the family rarely went a day without music. She grew up listening to Dusty Springfield and Al Green who became pivotal influences in her own style. Rev Neil Down was inspired by electric blues artist Albert Collins who he eventually had the pleasure of meeting and befriending.

When the two came together for the first time, there was an unmistakable magic between their crafts, Lahna’s vocals and Rev’s guitar. As if the attention wasn’t enough to get them recording, they began touring Canada. After playing the Dawson City Music Festival in the Yukon, Deering and Down were spotted by two tourists from Swizterland and offered a place to stay in the Alps. The duo went on to play in Ireland and later decided to station their careers in Memphis, a perfect home for their music.

Aside from recording with Al Green’s legendary backing band (surely a dream come true for vocalist Deering), the duo has played with many of Memphis’ finest musicians such as Jonathan Ciaramitaro, Louis Meyer, and Lester Snell. The Commercial Appeal and the Washington Post are only a couple examples of raving press. Deering and Down continue to make themselves known and heard nationally. Their latest album, Out There Somewhere, was released a year ago in February, and the group continues to promote themselves independently and play locally . You can catch them live for yourself at the Poplar Lounge on March 2nd at 9:00 pm. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to hear the rare talents of Deering and Down and a chance to support your local music!

Blue TOM Records Review

the Juneau Empire


Deering & Deering 
Brother and sister musicians raised on music  

By Courtney Nelson: October 31st, 2012

When Lahna Deering was just a baby and her brother Morgan was 7, their parents Dave and Joan Deering bought a mobile home, packed up the family, and left British Columbia in search of gold. Dave Deering, a mining engineer, took jobs in Nevada, Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico while Joan cooked for the miners and homeschooled her kids...READ MORE

Album Review in DownBeat Magazine!

Album Review in Down Beat Magazine Jazz, Blues & Beyond (August 2012):

Blues: by Frank-John Hadley (p. 79)

Deering & Down: Out There Somewhere (Retsina Glow; 56:44 ***1/2)

Enter the unusual Memphis soul-rock-blues domain of Lahna Deering and
Rev. Neil Down. Her spectral soprano brings home innocence and kittenish sensuality,
alienation and acceptance, hurt and healing. His guitar, based in the blues, is partial to
trance-grooves and traveling where the album title says. They write their own songs,
mostly good ones, about floods, spirituality and cryptic romance. Soul giant Willie Mitchell
mixed five tracks and arranged the horns on two before dying midway through the project.
(Mitchell’s son, Lawrence, helped finish the album.) It’s no coincidence that the tunes in-
volving the elder Mitchell are special. Lots of fine Memphis supporting players in the studio,
like the Hi Royal Rhythm Section.
Ordering info:

D&D Music in a Movie!

We are very excited to have our music in the film "The Romance of Loneliness" directed by Matteo Servente & Sarah Ledbetter.

Track Listing of Deering and Down's music featured in the film:
1. Xalapa Linda 
2. Next Time I See You
3. Betsy's Big Wag
4. Sometimes Paradise Seems So Far Away
5. Something About Forever

This is a  wonderful story about Amanda, a misfired pistol, has no idea what to make of her life and is determined to avoid finding out. At her cousin Cristina’s renegade wedding to her longtime girlfriend at a West Tennessee farmhouse, she finds out she has nowhere left to hide.

Starring Amy LaVere, Anna Margaret Hollyman, Rebekah Brandes and Lynn Cohen.

It's difficult to classify Sarah Ledbetter and Matteo Servente's brief and subtle yet strangely enthralling feature. At just under an hour, the Tennessee-shot picture seems in some ways like the middle portion of a film removed from its context: it has the feel of a novella as it follows three Southern women — a grandmother (Lynn Cohen) and her two granddaughters (Memphian songstress Amy LaVere and Rebekah Brandes) — who attend a relative's same-sex wedding. The movie's themes and point may be somewhat elusive, but there's never any doubt about the filmmakers' control: even if you can't pin down exactly what the film is trying to say, the way it's communicated is riveting. -- STEVEN HALE

The World Premiere at the Nashville Film Festival Thursday April 19th at 7:15pm and Friday April 20th at 12:15pm.

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Deering and Down release new album in Memphis