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Deering and Down's Next album! 

Out There Somewhere (2012)

“… She's got a voice like Loretta Lynn swallowed Rod Stewart. He plays guitar like nobody you've ever heard. Great in a bar. Better in a hotel room. How's that for a pull quote?” - Chris Davis, Memphis Flyer

“...Weaving the two main streams of Memphis music—rockabilly and Southern soul—the duo has created a hybrid sound that should transform them from local heroes to roots-rock stars.” – Geoffrey Himes, Washington Post

Recorded at Memphis’ legendary Royal Studio, this album is the last musical project involving Al Green’s famed producer, Willie Mitchell, prior to his untimely death nearly two years ago. Mitchell's son, Lawrence “Boo” Mitchell, co-produced the album.

“We’ve been making music for 11 years now, and we’re confident this is our best album yet,” said Deering. “Working with Willie was such a great learning experience, and it really shows in the bold new direction of our third release.”

The album features a variety of Memphis’ most well-known musicians, including Al Green’s notable Hi Rhythm section (guitarist Mabon “Teenie” Hodges, bassist Leroy Hodges, keyboardist Charles Hodges and drummer Howard Grimes), and Rick Steff, John C Stubblefield and Roy Berry of Lucero.

Break This Record (2007)