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New Album Out Now

Introducing Know Rhyme Know Reason the latest album from Deering and Down. Recorded at Easley McCain Recording in Memphis,TN with Doug Easley and released by Baa Music Group. This album is only available online at this moment in time CD Baby iTunes ,Spotify and Amazon! Turn it up and enjoy! 
Deering and Down - Know Rhyme, Know Reason
I like a really good female vocalist who can handle a variety of song styles. Boom - got it here. I like wonderfully catchy melodies and well-written lyrics, including frequent forays into the realm of clever. Boom - got it here. I’m a lifetime Stones fan, so I don’t need my rock to sound pristine; a little grit and grind in there does my soul good. Boom - got it here. I like when a band understands that the tone and mood of the recording can take a good song and make it great. Boom - got it here. As a little extra added accolade, if “amount of times sung loudly and badly in the shower” is any indication, "Heartful of Love" from this record is my favorite song of the year. 

Favorite tracks: Heartful of Love, Spaced Out Like An Astronaut, 
River City, Pick A Knee

-Silver Michaels  

Spaced out

"Spaced Out Like an Astronaut" This is the fifth release from Deering and Down's new album Know Rhyme Know Reason. This music video made the Top 20 Memphis Music Videos of 2016 for the Memphis Flyer ! 

"Heart Full Of Love"

"Heart Full Of Love"
The forth single from Deering and Down's new album coming out this year! Music video coming soon! Produced by Doug Easley at Easley McCain Recording in Memphis, TN. Released by Baa Music Group.